Annual Donation Appeal

We’ve all hit on hard times, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some have lost their jobs, cut back on hours, and many have become sick. Sadly, some have lost their battle with life due to this dangerous illness. In an attempt to slow down the spread, and until a vaccine can be found to prevent COVID-19, many of the businesses in our community have been forced to temporarily shut down. Hopefully, they can bounce back.

We would like to thank our members and friends for their support during these past few months. Through your continued generosity we have been able to continue our mission of supporting Dunedin’s Scottish Heritage during the most challenging time in our history.

Our Scottish American Society Team is still at the helm, working hard on our Historic Cultural Center, making sure it is in the best condition to house our Haggis Celtic Concert Season as well as the many other traditional and modern Scottish events throughout the year. We have all had a crash course in technology and embraced the word of the moment, “pivot,” so we can continue to share our Scottish and Celtic Heritage.

Hopefully, you have had a chance to enjoy some of our events this season?  So far, we have presented three Haggis Celtic concerts with the Brayzen Heads, Reel Treble and the Byrne Brothers. We had a series of Scottish (Horror/Mystery) Movies and we have enjoyed several East End Vintage 2nd Friday music and drinks on the Patio. We even presented an on-line virtual concert with fan favorites, Off Kilter. 

This past few months we have opened up our hall to the Isle of Skye Dancers, the Progressive Arts Dance Group and our Piping Teacher, Sean Buchta who have all added classes to our new educational program. 

Our Historic Building, the Scottish Cultural Center on Louden Avenue in Dunedin’s Downtown is our home. As an aging building, it does requires constant upkeep and we need your help to keep it going. Please consider becoming a member for as little as $25, or donating to the Scottish American Society of Dunedin.

No contribution is too small. Your contribution to this Annual Appeal helps to strengthen our Historic Center for now and into the future! 

Thank you for your donation and warmest greetings for the New Year!

You can become a member by going to our Membership page or you can make a donation here, it’s easy.

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Alan McHale, President, Scottish American Society of Dunedin