Aboot is Scottish slang for about!

The Scottish American Society of Dunedin was founded in 1980.

It was founded to celebrate and carry on the Scottish traditions here in Dunedin. The mission of the Society is to Preserve, Teach and Honor the Culture, Traditions and History of Scotland through performing arts programs, activities, special events and charitable gifts to deserving indivIduals and youth organizations in Dunedin. The City of Dunedin was founded in the Nineteenth century by two Scots and the Society strives to promote and continue the Scottish Culture of Dunedin.

The Scottish American Society of Dunedin is a 501 C 3 Organization and we offer scholarships to the youth of Dunedin to help them study the Scottish Performing Arts.

Mission Statement:

To Promote and Perpetuate Dunedin’s Scottish Heritage.

Our Primary Purposes Are:-

1 .To perpetuate and promote Dunedin’s Scottish Heritage.

2. To broaden the member’s and public’s knowledge of Scottish Culture.

3. To provide social functions which promote fellowship among current and prospective members.