Our Annual Members are our life blood. They renew faithfully from year to year, and help us when budgeting to prepare for those expected expenses. We count on our Annual Membership to sustain the organization and it is exciting to welcome new members and gain new friendships.

We welcome your input, your ideas, and your volunteerism. We love sharing our love and passion for our Scottish heritage, and embrace the other Celtic backgrounds among our members. Our Irish heritage is also very strong in Dunedin as well as Welsh and English, and is supported by our many members.

Those members below who have been designated *Balmoral* are members who have chosen to commit that bit extra to the organization, and we are very grateful! They are awarded complimentary tickets to an event of their choice over the year. Thank you all for your membership.

Adair, John *Balmoral
Aitken, George & Maryann
Anderson, Robert
Arnold, Tamson & Marc
Atchison, Randy & Anita
Barmore, Dave & Wendy
Beaty, Steve & Marie
Bernhard, Bruce & Sandra (Neil)
Black, Fiona
Blais, Josh
Brand, Eleanor
Brandmaier, Mark & Mooney, Ann
Buchanan, Christine
Burke, Dawn *Balmoral
Cardwell, Kevin & Colleen
Carruthers, Mark
Chancey, Frances
Cimerman, Winifred Sue
Cote, Robert
Craig, Karen & Euan
Chesley, Renee *Balmoral
Cloonan, Michael
Cote, Robert
Craig, Karen & Euan
Cueni, Brenda
DeLaura, Barb & Ed
D’Aiuto, Sarah
Eldridge, Terry & Indra
Eslinger, Joanna (Singleton)
Everett, Jamie
Finland, Karen
Fiorino, David & Kim
Fleming, Peter
Forrester, Sean & Joy
Fowler, Michael
Galpin, Arthur & Spouse *Balmoral
Godfrey, Lisa
Goley, Jason
Gow, Jeff
Greco, Evelyn
Greco, Jerry & Lynn
Gross, Jen
Gross, Felicia
Haggarty, Pete & Ann *Balmoral
Haines, Louise & Spouse
Hardin, Rickey & Sandra
Harper, Martin & Trudy *Balmoral
Harris, Patricia
Henius, Jennifer & Mark
Herman, Sharon & Spouse
Hill, Catriona
Holland, Brenda
Jackson, Susan
Jenkin, Marsha
Johnson, Dean
Johnson, Jerry
Johnston, Dan & Joy
Keith, Mary
Kinkella, Sherri
Lange, Michael & Suzanne
Lessler, Alan & Ann Ferguson
Lewis, Steven & Gail *Balmoral
MacDonald, John & Sarah *Balmoral
MacMillan, Howard & Tracy
Malliet, Carly
Mallon, Kevin, Lindsey & Easton
Marino/Bennett, Angelina/Kevin
May, Diane & Tom
McAulay, Charles & Kathy *Balmoral
McCabe, Janis *Balmoral
McHale, Joan
McHale, Doreen
McHale, Graeme & Laurie & Fynlay
McIvor, Ken & Sue
McLauchlan, Ramsay & Spouse
McLean, Stuart & Stacey
Mikesell, Anne & Ken
Moat, Douglas & Spouse *Balmoral
Montgomery, Susan
Moore, Rob & Marcy
O’Brien, Colin & Elspeth *Balmoral
Ogborn, Beth & Spouse
Parchman, Jessica *Balmoral
Parks, Sallie
Pels, Julie Graham *Balmoral
Pendleton, Joanne & Murray
Pennington, John & Norma *Balmoral
Poth, Jim & Yvette
Potter, Anneliese & Ed
Pray, Adrianna
Prosser, Fiona *Balmoral
Prothero, Elizabeth & Raymond *Balmoral
Reycroft, David
Rice, Dan & Tina *Balmoral
Sanders, Anne & Glenn *Balmoral
Santiago, Aime
Scheib, Susan Glor
Schooley, Doug & Karen
Shannon, Rose
Shelor, David
Shuler, Bryan & Spouse *Balmoral
Slack, Samantha
Smeltz, Dina
Smith, Neil & Paula
Smith, Cindy
Stewart, John & Debra
Sumen, Berin
Swan, John & Andrea *Balmoral
Trapp, Luke & Alena
Trapp, Tom & Merel
Vaughn, Doug & Robin
Villanueva, Amy
Villanueva, Joseph
Walker, Seth & Kirsten
Ward, Michael & Spouse *Balmoral
White, Ian & Anita
White, Dan & Amy
Wilkins, Stanley
Young, Michael
Zeller, Maureen