Board of Directors 2020

President Alan McHale. Alan is a Life Member of the SAS , and emigrated from Edinburgh, Scotland in 2001. Alan is experienced in fundraising and was President of the Dunedin Scottish Arts Foundation from 2013 to 2018, producing the Dunedin Highland Games and Dunedin Celtic Music & Craft Beer Festival. Alan works to promote Scottish heritage in the Community and is working to implement strategic planning and budgeting to the Scottish American Society of Dunedin.

Vice President. Vacant Position.

Treasurer Michael Lange. Michael is an experienced director of marketing and publishing, and is a Director of a production company promoting Celtic music in the midwest USA. He has made Dunedin his home and works to bring great Celtic music to the SAS Hall with many talented musicians, which is helping make a name for the SAS as the location of the Haggis Concerts.

Director Joan McHale. Joan is an experienced administrative manager, with over 20 years of volunteer service for Suncoast Hospice Empath Health. Joan was a volunteer with the Dunedin Scottish Arts Foundation since 2008. She comes from Scottish parents, who emigrated to the USA from Edinburgh. Joan handles SAS membership, marketing and maintains the SAS website and Facebook.

Director Sarah Bynum. Sarah enjoys Dunedin’s thriving music and cultural events with her husband John MacDonald. With her Irish roots in Donegal and John’s upbringing in the Highlands, they have a love of Celtic music, history and researching ancestors who moved to America to pursue their dreams. Sarah is keen to support all aspects of the Center, but especially enabling it to grow as a meeting and drop in place for locals and visitors.

Director Jennifer Henius. Jennifer has Scots-Irish ancestral roots and her family has embraced their Celtic heritage. Jennifer joined Celtic Realty, an independent boutique real estate brokerage in Dunedin, a family business. Jennifer is also the founder of Discover Celtic Dunedin, a new Dunedin lifestyle and tourism blog aimed at spotlighting the community, small businesses and Dunedin’s Celtic heritage and happenings. In addition to her genuine love for the arts and interest in preserving our Dunedin Celtic culture, Jennifer will bring her experience in business acumen, coalition building and strategic communications to the Board.

Director Diane May. We welcomed Diane at the September 2020 meeeting.

Director Graham Muir. Born in St. Andrews, Fife, Graham spent his formative years growing up in Marking and Glenrothes. Graham has lived in Sweden, Germany, and France. He moved to the USA in the mid-90’s and spent all but 18 months in Florida. Graham loves to golf and fish and following his first sport, rugby, but seems to spend the most time doing yard work. Graham and his fiancee enjoy spending time in downtown Dunedin supporting the local businesses and musicians. He has spent most of his life in sales and service positions, and has recently started his own media company.