Please Help Us Out!

We’ve all hit on hard times, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some have lost their jobs, cut back on hours, and many have become sick. Sadly, some have lost that battle with life due to this dangerous illness. In an attempt to slow down the spread, and until a vaccine can be found to prevent COVID-19, many of our businesses have temporarily shut down. Hopefully, they will all bounce back with our help.

We have had to close our doors to the public. It has had devastating effects on us. A small Non-Profit Organization, the Scottish American Society does not carry a big bank balance but we do still have to pay the on-going bills until such time where we can reopen and once again bring in great events to you, our public. We will also need money to start up these events.

Our public includes members, friends, and those who have just come to enjoy a good concert of Celtic music, a relaxing Scottish event like Pie & a Pint or a formal Robert Burns dinner.

We are taking advantage of this time of closure to do some inside and outside clean up and necessary renovations to the Hall. When we do open, it will be sanitized in every corner and you’ll find some new exciting additions!


Please consider a monetary donation to keep us going. We need you now more than ever. All donations are tax deductible! Thank you.


Alan McHale, President, Scottish American Society of Dunedin